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March 17, 2018
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Springtime is now (hopefully) just around the corner! We are hoping to see lots of Easter bunnies and chick around soon, and flowers blooming in our gardens at Hemsley House Day Nursery. We love this time of year, too, because it brings with it the Easter celebrations.

The Easter fun doesn’t need to stop at nursery! Why not try these fab ideas at home:

Easter Egg Hunt

Why not hide some Easter eggs, inside or out, and have a treasure hunt! These could be chocolate eggs or even toy eggs with clues or treasures inside. A great way to get children moving is to give them tasks to achieve, hidden in the egg they find, like “Touch your toes” or “Jump in the air”!

Chocolate nests

We all know the classic Easter baking tradition of making chocolate nests! These can be done with rice krispies, cornflakes, shredded wheat or really anything of your choice. But don’t forget the mini eggs in the middle…

Easter masks

You can use a lollipop stick attached to a paper plate to make some fabulous masks! Why not add ears and some whiskers to make an Easter Bunny? You could even make some carrot footprints for the rabbits to find.

Of course, we will be doing lots of fun crafts and activities in the nurseries too! As we do each year, we will be encouraging the children to decorate their own Easter bonnets this year and wear them to nursery to take part in our Easter Parade! The children love having the opportunity to show off their creations and it helps to build their self-awareness and confidence. We can’t wait to see their creativity on display!

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